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Holy Saturday 2020 (Vigil and Dawn Service)

Updated: Jan 19

Musicians, theologians, poets and others from across the Church of England have come together to produce material for a virtual Easter vigil, from 8pm this evening until 5:45am tomorrow morning. If you find yourself sleepless, you may want to check in with them at You can see a little of what they have planned by following @_RumoursOfHope on Twitter.

What follows is not a service as such, but a few brief ideas for how you might welcome in Easter morning.

Step outside or open a window at around 6am to watch the sun rise and declare that: Christ has risen! He has risen indeed, hallelujah!

You may also like to blast a verse of your favourite Easter hymn (with due consideration to the neighbours, of course!) and use the prayer below:

Lord, as we watch the dark of night give way to the light of day, we thank you that the horror of the cross and the despair of the tomb yielded to the joy of resurrection. May the freshness of the morning and the singing of the birds remind us that we live with the promise of new life, and may we hold especially tight to that promise in the strangeness of this Easter morn. Amen.

And if you tied a branch to your door for Palm Sunday, perhaps you might replace it with some flowers for Easter Sunday.

Then go back to bed for a few extra hours, before coming back to the blog for Easter Sunday worship at 10:30.

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