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Messy Easter

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

This isn't just any Messy Church...this is Messy Easter.

We're posting this early so that you can choose as a family when to explore the Easter story together. You'll find storytelling, songs and a scavenger hunt...and some things that don't start with an s!

May you enjoy getting messy together, remembering that the Easter story tells us just how much God loves this messy world.

Let's start by reminding ourselves of the Easter story, here told by the children of Christ Church, Tunbridge Wells.

I wonder how this story makes you feel?

I wonder which part of the story seems most important?

I wonder how you might tell this story?

Perhaps you might like to share your wonderings, or ask some of your own.

Or perhaps you feel like some singing in dance, in which case you are in luck! Here we have two songs courtesy of Awesome Cutlery. Who in your family can do their funkiest moves?

Now that you've warmed yourselves up, we've got an Easter scavenger hunt for you, courtesy of Tracey Fitzsimmons and Messy Church HQ.

We're called Messy Church, so it's time we started getting properly messy. If you feel like getting some dirt under your fingernails, you might like to have a go at making your own Easter garden. You'll need a tray or bowl or bucket, and then whatever earth and sticks and stones and plants you can appropriately lay your hands on. It's traditional to include three crosses and a tomb, but feel free to get creative.

And finally, you are invited to share in an Easter egg prayer, again courtesy of Tracey Fitzsimmons and Messy Church HQ.

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