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#SBCadvent Day 15

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Have a look at the natural area in front of you. What are the first 2 things that you notice? Now look more closely and find at least 3 different things that you missed the first time. These are just as important to the balance of nature – the natural world

needs them all.

In the Christmas story the shepherds were people who most others thought were very ordinary and not at all special – and yet God sent loads of angels to sing to them and tell them the good news of Jesus

being born!

Nature and the story of the shepherds invite us to believe that while we are all different, we are all equally important and needed by the world – that includes you! Look back at the area in front of you again. As you notice the obvious things and remember the hidden things, think of yourself and others that you know – who of those people stands out, who is someone who is more hidden? In what way are any of the natural features here like you or a friend of yours?

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