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#SBCadvent Day 19

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Take a look at the area in front of you – can you spot any problems? Litter? Pollution? Some people ’ s actions have bad consequences. If this area could speak to you, what do you think it would say? How do you feel when you see litter and pollution?

In the Christmas story, Joseph was going to do something that would have had bad consequences. He was going to leave Mary because he knew the baby wasn’t his. It would have been really difficult for Mary and Jesus to survive without Joseph’ s help. Thankfully, before he did this, an angel told Joseph in a dream that Mary ’ s baby was from God and that God wanted Joseph to look after them both. So he did...

We have all done wrong things – maybe said unkind things to people or lied or even dropped litter. One of the best ways to start to put things right is to remember what we’ve done and to say sorry. Think about something you’ve done recently that you need to say sorry for – silently in your head or to someone you have hurt.

adapted from material by Mountain Pilgrims

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