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Sunday Worship 17 January | An Altar in the World: wearing skin

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Join us for worship this morning, as we think about what it means to wear skin, to be bodies in this world.

The recorded service is no longer available, but you can listen to a podcast including the sermon and some questions for reflection here.

I say in this reflection that I will be putting together some suggested reading, to encourage us to hear the stories of those whose skin is not like ours, and you can now find it below. This is only a tentative start, comprising things I have read or been recommended. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it skews towards the theological, and is a mix of autobiographical and more academic work. If you have any suggestions to add, please do pass them on.

For those of you who use social media, particularly Twitter, I also recommend widening who you follow to include voices you wouldn't normally hear. Organisations representing marginalised groups and campaigning for human rights may be a good place to start.

BAME stories * We Need to Talk About Race by Ben Lindsay (exploring BAME experiences in British churches) * Is God Colour Blind? by Anthony Reddie (drawing on the insights of Black theology) * The Good Immigrant by various authors (personal stories about race and immigration)

LGBTQ stories * The Book of Queer Prophets by various authors (reflections on sexuality and religion from LGBTQ writers) * Undivided by Vicki Beeching (autobiographical account of coming out as a gay Christian) * This Is My Body by Christina Beardsley (personal, theological and scientific reflections on gender identity)

Stories about disability * On Sight and Insight by John Hull (first hand account of the experience of going and being blind) * The Disabled God by Nancy Eiseland (theological reflection on the importance of the risen Christ to understanding disability) * Homily from Greenbelt Communion 2017: (delivered by a young girl with cerebral palsy)

Stories about poverty * Real Stories from the Trussell Trust: (accounts from food bank users) * Essays by Jack Monroe: (including a number on the lived experience of poverty) * Leeds Poverty Truth Commission: (searching 'poverty truth commission' will also show projects in other places)

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