Update on services

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

With almost all covid restrictions lifted from today (19 July), we are able to make some changes to our worship from this coming Sunday (25 July). We do however recognise that neither risk nor anxiety have disappeared overnight, and so we will be moving forward carefully, making the most of our large and airy building and keeping many of our protective measures in place. Here are the main things you need to know, but please do contact our minister if you have any questions.

Congregational singing is back. There'll be no pressure to join in, but it will be good to have the chance to sing together again.

Face coverings are no longer mandatory, but anyone may choose to wear one and official guidance is that they are 'expected and recommended' in crowded areas.

We will continue to encourage appropriate social distancing. To help with this, we will keep the chairs spaced out and serve tea and coffee at tables.

We will be keeping our doors open to let in as much fresh air as possible, and will provide space for people to gather outdoors around the service.

We will still have hand sanitiser by the front door in order to help us all maintain good hygiene, and please follow the notices about cleaning in the toilets.

We will continue to ask that visitors give their name and contact details in case they need to be traced in the event of a positive case.

We will continue to share services on our Vimeo channel until 8 August. There will then be a short break while we look at how to maintain online worship in the long term.

After so long under restrictions, and with infection levels still higher than we would like, we still need to take care and be mindful of the fact that people will have different comfort levels. And not just at church, but in every part of our lives. Give people as much space as they need. Don’t be afraid to tell people how much space you need. Keep washing your hands. Wear a mask in crowded places if you are able. Stay at home and arrange a test if you have symptoms. Get both doses of the vaccine if you haven’t already. We are being called to exercise personal responsibility, but we don’t make decisions for ourselves alone, so please be gentle on yourselves and on those around you.

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