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Messy Church at Home #5

Updated: May 28, 2021

Welcome to this month's Messy Church at Home! You'll find a story, some crafts, a song and a prayer. Dip in and out and have a go at what works for your family. We'd love to see what you get up to, so leave us a comment below, or share a picture over on our Facebook or Twitter accounts. Much love from the Messy Church team.

Our story this month is the feeding of the five thousand. Hit play below to watch. You may like to pause afterwards to share some of your own wonderings.


Follow the video below to fold an origami box, then model five loaves and two fishes out of clay or play dough, to make your own packed lunch like the boy in the story. Or perhaps you might like to make the sort of food you would take in your lunch box. What would you have offered Jesus to feed the five thousand?


Use paint or pens to decorate your own story stones with characters and objects from the story, and have a go at retelling it for yourself. Can you choose a character and tell it from their point of view? Or try telling a modern day version? Let your imagination go wild.


The crowd wouldn’t have eaten if the disciples hadn’t gone out with the food. In the same way, God needs us to get out and do the work of helping others. Perhaps you might put together a bag of blessing - it could be some tins and packets for a food bank, or a few treats you leave on a neighbour’s doorstep.


Jesus gave thanks before he shared the food. You may already say thank you before you eat, but why not try writing your own family grace? You could each write a line starting “thank you for...” Or if you’re really feeling ambitious, you could try saying thank you for something beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

If you fancy a sing, this one is all about letting our lights shine, being our best and truest selves, and showing the world all the good that God has put inside of us. Just like the little boy in the story did when he offered his lunch to Jesus.

Thank you God for the story of the feeding of the five thousand. Thank you that it teaches us to be generous and to do the practical work of helping others. Thank you too that it reminds us that you can do amazing and surprising things. We’re sorry that we sometimes forget these things. Please help us to let our lights shine by giving to others what we can. And help us to look out the for the amazing and surprising things you are doing in the world. Amen.

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