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Messy Church at Home #7

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

This month our theme is the parable of the mustard seed. It's one of the shortest stories Jesus told, but as the story itself tells us, small can be mighty.

Our story is told using some simple illustrations, and followed by some 'wondering' to help you think about the parable. You might like to share some of your thoughts together as a family.

We appreciate that you might not want to grow a twelve foot mustard tree in your back garden, but perhaps you might have a go at some seed growing on a smaller scale, with these cress heads and cress initials. (This will need a little preparation, unless you happen to have a spare packet of seeds, but perhaps it might make for a good half term activity, as the cress grows across the week.)

Seeds are very small but they grow into something much bigger. The same can be true of the things we do. A small act can make a big difference. What small thing might you do to make a difference in the world?

Grab hold of whatever materials you can find and make your own junk model tree. Could you use a kitchen roll tube as the trunk? Or scrunched up newspaper for the branches? Does your tree have leaves made from handprints? Or fruit made from pompoms?

Trees are wonderful things, providing food and shelter and oxygen for people and wildlife. What other wonderful things can you see growing?

Have a go at making your own origami bird, or perhaps even your own flock of birds. There are lots of differnt designs with different levels of difficulty, so see which one you like the best. You could use coloured or patterned paper, or perhaps start with plain white paper and decorate it for yourself before you start folding.

In the parable, the birds make their home in the branches of the mustard tree. What would your perfect home look like?

We have two songs this time, both inspired by mustard seeds. This first is a little different to our usual style but we hope you enjoy it. The second includes some signs for you to join in with.

God, thank you for the story of the mustard seed. Thank you that your kingdom works in such a way that things which seem small and unimportant can become great and wonderful. Help us to do the little things that can become big things so that we can create a world in which everyone can find a home. Amen.

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